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How to cast a money spell

Posted by Real Spell Casting on September 12, 2014 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (11)

Money is very fickle--it comes and goes quickly and some people seem to attract it more easily than do others. Are you one of the unlucky ones, from whom fortune flees? It doesn’t have to be that way. Money can flow to you, if you know how to beckon it. Follow these steps to cast a powerful money spell.

Things You'll Need:

• 1 forest green candle (previously unused

• 1 forest yellow candle (previously unused)

• Paper

• Pen or pencil

• Olive oil


• Photo of yourself



1. Spend some time thinking about how much money you need. Money spells work best when you have a specific amount of money in mind. Make this amount of money your “intention.”


2. Write your intention on a piece of paper. State it in positive terms. For instance, do not say, “I don’t want to be broke anymore.” Instead say, “I intend to have $500 for my rent by the fifteenth of this month.” The more specific you are in stating your need, the more powerful your s


3. Wait for the night of a full moon to cast your money spell, for this is the most powerful phase of the moon.


4. Pick up the candle.


5. Anoint this candle with olive oil in this manner: Dip your fingers into a small bowl of olive oil. Slowly rub the oil into the candle, from the middle of the candle up to the top and then from the middle down to the bottom. As you anoint the candle, state your money intention (as written on the piece of paper) over and over. As your repeating your intention, keep your eyes closed and visualize that amount of money flowing to you.

6. When you’re finished anointing it, light the candle. Sit in front of it, staring into the flickering candle flame. Slowly close your eyes. Visualize the money coming to you. Do not specify, or visualize, the exact manner that the money will come to you; simply imagine it coming to you. Feel the happiness of having this money appear in your life.

7. When you reach a peak of happiness and fulfillment, repeat this verse three times:Money, money let me seeMoney, money let it beMy bills are paid, my wealth is keptI will never be in debt.


8.Sit in silence, eyes closed, for a few minutes and then snuff the candle.


9. After the your green candle burns out light your yellow candle, green candle represents money and yellow candle represents energy.


10. Whle your yellow candle is burning put herbs all over the candle and fire.


11. Wright on a piece of paper your full name date of birth and what all that you would like to see happen.


12. Put your papper on the fire let it burn, while your papper is burning chat how much money that you would like to come into your life, chat the words 3 times.


13. Get a photo of yourself that you don't mind to burn, place on the fire let it burn out.


14. Dip your fingers into Olive oil bowl rub up and down the candle.


15. Put some more herbs on the candle and chat 3 more times how much money that you would like to see come into your life.


16. Let your candle burn out.


17. After your candle burns out set and think about how much money that you would like to see come into your life.


18. Last thing you need to do is just have faith, faith goes a very long ways when casting any spells believe that ths spell si working even if haven't seen any results yet, most cases spells will take anywhere from 3-4 full moons

Tips & Warnings:

• Never blow your candle out. Always extinguish it with a snuffer.


• Never reuse a candle for spell work. Always use a fresh candle.


• When casting any spells on yourself or others be very careful could backfire.


• Best not to cast any spells for yourself to gain wealth or anything else because of the 3 fold rules will com back on you 3 times harder.