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How to remove a spell

Posted by Real Spell Casting on September 12, 2014 at 3:45 PM

Ever since the re-awakening of spiritual witchcraft, it has been more common for everyday people to want to learn the practices involved. And of all the inquiries often asked, the most common tends to be how to remove spells using white magic. This process is simpler than most people would ever believe.



1. Before any work is begun, the person attempting a dispelling must prepare themselves. Whether they meditate, bathe or exercise, some activity should be done to put the practitioner into a calm and receptive state of mind.

2 Choose the place where the spell will be conducted. This could be any place, such as a bedroom, an open field or even the kithcen Any place that the practitioner feels comfortable with and is likely to be undisturbed is an ideal location. A time should also be chosen, depending on what feels right to the person performing the ritual. Good times are sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight.

3. A candle should be lit, and the color should be dictated by what the spell is trying to accomplish (white for purification, red for power/strength, green for nature). The practitioner should also provide some spiritual focus (a cross or rosary for those who are Catholic, a ritual knife, bowl of water--any object which is applicable to the practitioner).

  • 4. The spell can now begin. The practitioner should sit or kneel before the candle and concentrate on her spiritual focus. This item assists the person in directing her willpower. Several deep breaths should be taken, and the mind should be cleared. Speaking a mantra or chanting a verse (as with popular images of magic) are common aids in this process.
  • 5. Once the mind is clear, the practitioner should focus on summoning his inner willpower. This process is different for every individual, but visualization techniques assist. Picturing his energy as a ball of glowing light that grows brighter and stronger as he focuses more often helps.
  • 6. Once the spiritual energy is summoned, the practitioner should direct it towards breaking the pre-existing spell they're trying to get rid of. Again, visualization helps greatly. Picturing the energy smashing the hex like a hammer or imagining her spiritual will covering and then dissolving the negative spell both work equally well. Once this last step is complete, practitioners should relax themselves and give the ritual time to be completed before cleaning up her ritualistic location.
  • Tips & Warnings:

    This is meant only for removing pre-existing spells, but it can also be used as a way to cast new ones. One should carefully consider his intentions before casting anything, as pure motives are best for this sort of activity.

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