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We have answers to most questions that you may seek..

psychic reading

1. How much information does need to cast a spell for me?

Once your order has been placed, we will contact you by email. The information needed for casting a spell can vary depending on the type of spell you have requested. birthday name. and photo, most cases is all that we need of you and. Please be assured that all information is strictly confidential and is used only for the purposes of casting a spell on your behalf.

2. Does need additional information for spells that involve other people?

Generally speaking, the more descriptive you can be about the situation, the better. We do usually ask for the names of the other people to be included in the spell. However, any extra information that you can provide like birthdays and photos will help make our spell casting more stronger and can help you to see full results a little faster however either way are spells will work.

3. How do I know when my spell will be cast?

Once we receive your order and all information needed for your spell we will send you a letter through email. Enclosed you will find information about the day your spell will be cast along with any other instructions, most cases we will cast the same night you pay us can take up to 72 hours from the date of your order we way have many spells to cast at the time of your order.

4. Do I get to choose when cast my spell?

We have found that things usually work better if you let us pick the date. Due to each witch’s casting preferences, they do keep their own schedule. Spells are time and energy consuming rituals that require some amount of recuperation after casting. We pride ourselves on our quality of work, and schedule ourselves accordingly. However, if you do require that your spell be cast on a specific date, we ask that you let us know after you pay Urgent Spell Castings, most cases can be cast same night you pay us however can take up to 72 hours we don't charge any extra for you if you need a urgent spell casting we just move customers that are not in a rush to another day.

5. Why do charge for their spell casting services?

The prices we charge are quite low, considering the type of results we provide. The reason we charge is to cover our basic expenses so that we can continue to do this work for you on a full time schedule.

6. Why is prices so much cheaper than other spell casting services that are similar?

Well, that is simple.The income we make from this site goes for tools we will need for our spell castings and keeping this website up, we don't charge for the time we put in just for supplies, Therefore there is no reason to charge prices in the hundreds like most other spell casting websites do.

7. Will my purchase be kept private?

Yes. All purchases are made through our payment gateways will never give out any of your information to anyone just our witches coven, and none of our spell casters will never give out any of your information to anyone as well, all of your information and requests are kept 100% confidential.

8. Will I ever have to meet with witches coven in person?

Not at all. All the work is done by us privately, Nothing more than some basic information about you all that is needed. We will simply let you know when the day of your spell cast is.

9. When will I see full results?

For a single spell casting will take over 12 full moons, double spell casting over 8 full moons, and for our most powerful triple spell casting most customers had seen full results after 4 full moons.

10. What is a single spell casting?

Single spell casting is a weaker spell then double or triple however you can still see full results will take a little longer, we only cast this spell one time and most cases our clients will see full results after 12 full moons.

11. What is a double spell casting?

Double spell casting is a little more stronger then our single spell casting, we will cast our double spell casting twice and will be at the same night most cases our clients will see full results after 8 full moons.

12. What is a triple spell casting?

Triple spell casting is our most powerful spell casting, when you buy a triple spell casting we will be casting your spells 3 times and all 3 spell castings will be at the same night and most of our cases clients will see full results after 4 full moons.

13. What do you mean when you say full moons?

For example if we say 12 full moons that means 12 months, 8 full moons means 8 months, and 4 full moon means 4 month that you will see full results from our spell casting.

14. Can I buy a more powerful spell?

Yes you can. if you want a double spell casting pay for any spell casting that you want us to cast twice and if want our most powerful triple spell casting pay for any spell casting that you want us to cast 3 times.

15. What kind of magic does use?

We will be using only white magic, nothing bad will happen to you or anyone else by casting white magic spells only with black magic.

16. Do I have to join members area before I can buy a spell casting?

No you don't. You can buy a spell casting without joining our members area you just wont be able to leave a testimonial

use our forums, and wont be able to message other members or spell casters.

17. Is members area free?

Yes our members area is free, we don't charge you any money to join and message other members.

18. Why don't website have more members?

Most customers don't join our members area they just buy spell castings from us.

19. Does website get a lot of clients?

Yes we do. That is why there maybe times that will take us a little longer to answer your messages, we could be casting spells or getting ready too.

20. Do I have to pay to use website forums?

No we don't charge you anything to use our forums, all you have to do is join our members area.

21. How do I leave a testimonial?

You most become a member of our website and had paid for at least one of our psychic reading or spell casting services.

22. Why do I have to pay for one of psychic reading or spell casting services to be able to leave a testimonial?

This is simple question, why would we let you leave a testimonial if you had never tried any of our psychic reading or spell casting services out.

23. Why do I have to become a member to be able to leave a testimonial?

The reason why you most become a member to be able to leave a testimonial is this helps to keep down spammer.

24. Is there a time frame on leaving a testimonial?

No you can leave a testimonial right away or even a year form now, most customers wait until they see if their spell casting will give them full results or not.

25. Is client testimonials real?

Yes our client testimonials is real, How you can tell on any websites is if you see at least 1 bad review no matter how good a website is you can't make everyone happy, however if you see more bad reviews then good reviews stay away from that website, plus all websites that has a real feedback system also has a members area other wise you have to wonder how did anyone else leave a review before and all websites that has fake feedback system don't even have a place for you to push to leave your own review.

26. Why don't website have more testimonials?

There maybe a couple of reasons why, most customers don't leave a feedback unless they are unhappy with their products or services, with all websites customers are more likely to want to give a review if they are unsatisfied with what they paid for and another reason is they may not had join our members area so they can't leave a feedback.

27. What Payment does accept?

We accept all major credit cards like Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, & American Express by using Stripe payment gateway, we also accept PayPal & Payza.

28. What is Payza?

Payza is a payment gateway like PayPal has almost the same terms of use & privacy policy as PayPal does.

Payza will not charge you for opening an account or for paying for services, Payza only charges their sellers and out of all of the payment gateways we had researched Payza has the lowest seller fees.

There is only a couple of differences between Payza & PayPal, 1st Payza fees for sellers are lower then PayPal fees and 2nd unlike PayPal Payza verify all business before any business can put Payza buy now or checkout buttons on there websites.

That is one reason that most people who sell online would rather use PayPal because PayPal don't verify business like Payza do, so anyone using PayPal can say that they are a real business owner another reason more people use PayPal they been in business longer then Payza.

By Payza verifying all business helps to keep down scammers, that is also the reason why you are not going to see that many psychic reading & spell casting websites using Payza as their payment gateway even though Payza seller fees are lower then PayPal seller fees.

With Payza you can pay us with money that you have in your Payza account, by using your checking account to send money to your Payza account, or Visa credit card.

29. What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment gateway where you can use to accept credit or debit cards.

30. What is PayPal?

PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay online.

31. Can I get a refund?

We do not give monetary refunds as you are actually paying for materials within our spell casting services that we offer to you. If you are not satisfied with your spell casting results we guarantee to do a total re-cast and add spells to help with your spell casting, we do our best to make sure all of our clients get what they had paid for.

32. What if spells don't work?

We will keep trying until you get the results that you had paid for, sometimes the spell casting wont work the first time around may take another spell casting or a more stronger spell casting we may also need to add spells to help with your casting could be a reason behind our spell casting didn't work first time around, most cases our spell casting will work the first time around and we never charge again for the same kind of spell casting the only way you will ever have to pay us again is if you want a more stronger spell or want us to cast a spell in another area.

33. Why should I trust services?

Most spell casting websites either has all bad reviews, more bad reviews then good reviews or no reviews at all. However has more good reviews then bad reviews, in fact we only got a few bad reviews witch isn't bad at all because no website can make everyone happy.

34. What is all of the ways that I can get a hold of customer service?

Right now the only way is by email, and we don't accept phone calls or instant message.

35. How can I contact witches coven?

You can email our witches coven at [email protected]