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Witches Coven

Witches Coven:

This page is for those of you who like to learn about witches.

A witches coven is a group of spell casters that come together to cast spells can be made up of different numbers anywhere from 3 0r more there isn't a set number of witches you can have in an coven.

Here is some of the questions that people had asked us.

Can I join your witches coven ?

We are truly very sorry the answer is no we don't just pick people off of the street or just let anyone join our witches coven because we want every spell caster that is in our coven to be very well gifted.

How can I join a witches coven?

You first need to learn the art of spell casting or get a real spell caster to help you learn.

Can you show me the art of spell casting ?

We are sorry the answer is no we can't because we have to spend most of our time casting spells for others.

Where can I find a witches coven to join?

You can try researching locals they may not use the word witches coven but rather Wicca Coven.

Wicca coven some cast spells but others don't they just have a gathering, all witches cast spells and the more in a coven the more powerful the spells are.

What area is your spell casters from?

We have spell casters that came from different places all over the world, most are from different states within the USA.

Is a Warlock a male witch?

No warlocks are not like you see in the movies, what we call warlocks is spell casters who had broken the rules of the coven and they can never join any witches coven ever again because to be called a warlock is a very bad name is the spell casting world because that means the spell caster broke some of the big rules that witches do not approve of.

Could be the fact that they curse or hex someone witch may had took that persons life, cast a spell on a fallow spell caster, removed a spell that another spell caster had cast, a spell that they had cast wasn't what their clients wanted to see happen just so they can harm their clients with the information that was given to the spell caster, or the spell caster cast a spell for the spell caster to gain wealth or love.

We can remove a spell caster spell only if the spell was with black magic like curse and spells but we don't remove white magic spells because those spells are to help you and that is how some witches get band from a coven.

What do you call male spell casters?

We call male spell casters either male witches or male spell casters.

Why can't you cast a spell on yourself?

Spell casters can cast spells for others but any real spell caster knows. a spell caster cannot cast any spells for them to gain wealth, love, or anything else because of the 3 folds rules any spell a spell caster cast on them will come back on the spell caster 3 times harder.

How many witches is in your coven?

At this time we have 15 witches in our coven, anywhere from 13 or more is what us witches call a large coven.

By having more witches in your coven does it make your spell work even more powerful?

Yes the lager the coven is the more powerful the spell casting will be. some witches coven only charge for one witch to cast a spell and you can pick witch one that you want to cast the spell for you depending on their years of experience.

When I buy a spell from your web store will all of your witches will be casting for me?

Yes we have all of our witches casting for you and they will be brining different strengths to the spell casting, websites that has only one spell caster casting for you even if the spell will work will take a very long time to show full results looking at an year at the least amount of time it may take.